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Core Class Reference

If this file is called directly, abort. More...

Public Member Functions

 __clone ()
 __get ( $key)
 Wrapper magic. More...
 __set ( $key, $value)
 __wakeup ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bootstrap ()
 Very early initialization. More...
static get ()
 Get the global instance of . More...

Data Fields


Private Member Functions

 __construct ()
 Bootstrap. More...
 init ()
 Early initialization. More...

Static Private Attributes

static $__instance = null

Detailed Description

If this file is called directly, abort.

The core GravityView API.

Returned by the wrapper gravityview() global function, exposes all the required public functionality and classes, sets up global state depending on current request context, etc.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct ( )



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Member Function Documentation

◆ __clone()

__clone ( )

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◆ __get()

__get (   $key)

Wrapper magic.

Making developers happy, since 2017.

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◆ __set()

__set (   $key,

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◆ __wakeup()

__wakeup ( )

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◆ bootstrap()

static bootstrap ( )

Very early initialization.

Activation handlers, rewrites, post type registration.

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◆ get()

static get ( )

Get the global instance of .

The global instance of GravityView Core.

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◆ init()

init ( )

Early initialization.

Loads dependencies, sets up the object, adds hooks, etc.


Enable logging.

Runs Filter:
gravityview/logger Filter the logger instance being used for logging.
\GV\Logger$loggerThe logger instance.


The Settings.


Require critical legacy core files.

GravityView extensions and widgets.

More legacy core.

Stop all further functionality from loading if the WordPress plugin is incompatible with the current environment.

Saves some time and memory.

Register the gravityview post type upon WordPress core init.

Add rewrite endpoint for single-entry URLs.


Generate custom slugs on entry save.



Our Source generic and beloved source and form backend implementations.


Our Entry generic and beloved entry backend implementations.

Context is everything.

Our Field generic and implementations.

Get the collections ready.

The sorting, filtering and paging classes.

The Renderers.



Gutenberg Blocks.

Cache busting.

Runs Actions:
gravityview/loaded The core has been loaded.

Note: this is a very early load hook, not all of WordPress core has been loaded here. init hasn't been called yet.

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Field Documentation

◆ $__instance

$__instance = null

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◆ $log


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◆ $plugin


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◆ $request


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