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GravityView_Field_Survey Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GravityView_Field_Survey:

Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 field_options ( $field_options, $template_id, $field_id, $context, $input_type, $form_id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GravityView_Field
 __construct ()
 GravityView_Field constructor. More...
 _filter_gform_custom_merge_tags ( $custom_merge_tags=array(), $form_id=0, $fields=array(), $element_id='')
 Add custom merge tags to merge tag options. More...
 _filter_gform_replace_merge_tags ( $text, $form=array(), $entry=array(), $url_encode=false, $esc_html=false)
 Match the merge tag in replacement text for the field. More...
 _filter_sortable_fields ( $not_sortable)
 Use field settings to modify whether a field is sortable. More...
 add_entry_meta ( $entry_meta)
 Add the custom entry meta key to make it searchable and sortable. More...
 add_field_support ( $key, &$field_options)
 add_sortable_field ( $fields)
 Add the field to the Filter & Sort available fields. More...
 as_array ()
 Returns the field as an array to be used in field pickers. More...
 field_options ( $field_options, $template_id, $field_id, $context, $input_type, $form_id)
 Tap in here to modify field options. More...
 replace_merge_tag ( $matches=array(), $text='', $form=array(), $entry=array(), $url_encode=false, $esc_html=false)
 Run GravityView filters when using GFCommon::replace_variables() More...
 set_default_search_label ( $label='', $gf_field=null, $field=array())
 Allow setting a default search label for search fields based on the field type. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static get_choice_score ( $field, $value, $input_id=0)
 Returns the score for a choice at $value. More...
static output_frontend_css ()
 Output CSS for star ratings. More...

Data Fields

 $_gf_field_class_name = 'GF_Field_Survey'
 $group = 'advanced'
 $icon = 'dashicons-forms'
 $is_searchable = false
 $name = 'survey'
- Data Fields inherited from GravityView_Field
 $contexts = array( 'single', 'multiple', 'edit', 'export' )
 $entry_meta_is_default_column = false
 $entry_meta_key = null
 $entry_meta_update_callback = null
 standard, advanced, post, pricing, meta, gravityview, or add-ons More...
 $icon = 'dashicons-admin-generic'
 boolean Is field content number-based? More...
 $is_searchable = true
 $is_sortable = true
 boolean Can the field be sorted in search? More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GravityView_Field
 custom_merge_tags ( $form=array(), $fields=array())
 Add custom Merge Tags to Merge Tag options, if custom Merge Tags exist. More...
 is_choice_value_enabled ()
 Check whether the enableChoiceValue flag is set for a GF field. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from GravityView_Field
 $_custom_merge_tag = false
 $_field_id = ''
 $_field_options = array()

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ field_options()

field_options (   $field_options,

◆ get_choice_score()

static get_choice_score (   $field,
  $input_id = 0 

Returns the score for a choice at $value.

A sister method to {

See also
string | array$value
int | string$input_idID of the field or input (for example, 7.3 or 7)

Definition at line 41 of file class-gravityview-field-survey.php.

References $field, $input_id, and $value.

◆ output_frontend_css()

static output_frontend_css ( )

Output CSS for star ratings.


Definition at line 152 of file class-gravityview-field-survey.php.

References GV\top.

Field Documentation

◆ $_gf_field_class_name

$_gf_field_class_name = 'GF_Field_Survey'

Definition at line 12 of file class-gravityview-field-survey.php.

◆ $group

$group = 'advanced'

Definition at line 16 of file class-gravityview-field-survey.php.

◆ $icon

$icon = 'dashicons-forms'

Definition at line 18 of file class-gravityview-field-survey.php.

◆ $is_searchable

$is_searchable = false

Definition at line 14 of file class-gravityview-field-survey.php.

◆ $name

$name = 'survey'

Definition at line 10 of file class-gravityview-field-survey.php.

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