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views Class Reference

This file contains magic wrapper code for gravityview(). More...

Public Member Functions

 get ( $view=null)
 Gets a View. More...
 set ( $view)
 Mock the internal pointer. More...

Private Attributes

 $view = null

Detailed Description

This file contains magic wrapper code for gravityview().

Every gravityview() magic key maps to a class that exposes more magic. Chains of infinite magic can be constructed spanning seas of mermaids, valleys of unicorns and whirlwinds of shooting stars. The views magic wrapper.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ get()

get (   $view = null)

Gets a View.

Doesn't care what you provide it. Will try to find out what you need from the current context, from the supplied args, etc.


By View.

By View ID.

By post object.

By array.

From various contexts.

Final fallback.

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References $post, views\$view, and gravityview().

◆ set()

set (   $view)

Mock the internal pointer.

\GV\View$viewThe View to supply on fallback in ::get()

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References views\$view.

Field Documentation

◆ $view

$view = null

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Referenced by views\get(), and views\set().

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