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Entry_Filter Class Reference

If this file is called directly, abort. More...

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If this file is called directly, abort.

Entry filtering settings.

A proposed long-term vision for this would be an API similar to the new-school ORMs out there.

new Entry_Filter( Field::by_id( 3 )->eq( 99 )->and( Field::by_id( 4 )->neq( null )->or( Field::by_id( 4 )->lte( 0 ) ) )->and( Field::by_id( 5 )->like( "%search%" )->and( Field::by_id( 6 )->between( $t, $f ) ) ) );

Very flexible in code, but unserialization could be a pain in the neck.

For now we use the Gravity Forms backend for this, since developing an ORM will take us another year :)

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